Additive Manufacturing with Magnesium and Aluminum

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by enabling the production of complex and customized parts with unprecedented design freedom. When applied to magnesium and aluminum alloys, additive manufacturing offers numerous advantages:

  • Lightweight Design
  • Complex Geometries
  • Material Efficiency
  • Rapid Prototyping and Iteration

what we do

Our Expertise

Our dedicated team of engineers, designers, and material scientists work collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions for a wide range of industries. Here's what sets us apart:


Material Selection and Optimization

We carefully select the most suitable magnesium and aluminum alloys for each application, considering factors such as

Design and Engineering Support

Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and challenges. We offer design and

State-of-the-Art Additive Manufacturing Technologies

We leverage advanced additive manufacturing technologies, including selective laser melting (SLM) and electron beam melting (EBM), to

Quality Assurance

We have implemented stringent quality control measures throughout the additive manufacturing process. From material handling and powder


additive manufacturing solutions find applications

Our Industries

Complex and lightweight automotive components, including engine parts, chassis, and interior elements. This leads to enhanced fuel efficiency, increased performance, and overall sustainability in the automotive sector.

Aerospace and Aviation

Lightweight, high-strength magnesium and aluminum components are used in aerospace applications, such as aircraft structures, engine parts, and interior components...


Magnesium and aluminum alloys are increasingly used in the automotive industry to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency. Additive manufacturing enables the production of...

General Engineering

Explore the versatility of our magnesium and aluminum additive manufacturing across various engineering applications. Whether it's creating prototypes, customized components...